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Tuition Fees and Living Costs

There are three key sets of costs that you normally need to be aware of when planning your undergraduate studies: University tuition fees, accommodation and related College costs, and other living expenses.

For information about student loans and other sources of financial support please see here.

Tuition and College Fees

For information about University tuition fees, please see the Cambridge Admissions Office website - here.

Accommodation and College Costs

College Fees

All international/overseas fee status students, and those Home fee status students who aren't eligible for tuition fee support (such as affiliate students), normally have to pay an annual College fee in addition to University tuition fees. This covers the cost to your College of providing a range of educational, domestic, and pastoral services and support.

The 2022-23 College fee for international students at Magdalene is £10,863. This fee is fixed for the first three years of undergraduate study. Fees for the fourth and subsequent years will be fixed at the rate that applies at the beginning of the fourth year of study providing that students do not intermit for more than six consecutive terms. For further information on international fees and costs see here.

Room Charges

At Magdalene we undertake to provide College accommodation for all undergraduate students for the duration of their degree, and the vast majority of students choose to live in College for the full three or four years.

Accommodation costs are similar across the colleges, regardless of which College you attend. Magdalene's room types are divided into 9 rent bands and for 2022/23 rooms are charged at between £137.48 - £200.83 per week. This charge includes heating and lighting charges.

You may find that some of the weekly costs appear higher than at other universities, however it is important to remember that:

  • Cambridge terms tend to be shorter than at other universities, so a Cambridge undergraduate would normally only pay for College owned accommodation for 30 weeks of the year. This can mean Cambridge is one of the cheaper universities at which to live.
  • Magdalene and many other Cambridge Colleges provide College accommodation for all your undergraduate years; if at other universities you have to rent privately at any time, you may have to commit to a 9 or a 12 month rental agreement, which again may be more costly compared to our '30 weeks of the year' accommodation norm.

More details about the range of undergraduate accommodation and costs are available on the Rent Band charges webpage.

Food and Other Living Expenses


One of the main day-to-day living costs we all face is the cost of eating. At Magdalene we try to make this as easy and affordable as possible, without compromising on quality. There are three main catering options available in the College.

The Ramsay canteen
Average* meal prices in Magdalene's canteen are; breakfast (5 items): £4.90; lunch and dinner: £6.40 (* Average figure, for two courses)

Formal Dinner
Our formal dining hall offers a three-course dinner, with waiter service, in an impressive candlelit environment for £9.00, with guests being charged at £15.00. 'Hall' (as this is known) is available almost every night of term.

All undergraduates have access to limited cooking facilities, usually hobs and a microwave, though ovens and grills are sometimes available. Some undergraduates cook together in small groups.


You will need to allow for travel expenses between Cambridge and your home.

Within Cambridge, most of the City is within walking distance of Magdalene, but many students choose to invest in a bike whilst they are here. For most undergraduates, day-to-day travel is cheap or free.

Buses serve a number of key routes, such as the railway stations, the Science Park, and Addenbrooke's Hospital. Single tickets within Cambridge are generally in the region of £1.00-2.80.

Additional Course Costs

These will vary from course to course, but may include books, personal lab equipment (such as a lab coat or calculator), stationery, photocopying, personal computer costs, and costs associated with field trips or dissertation research.

You should consult the relevant departmental websites for an indication of any particular additional costs associated with your chosen course of study.

Minimum Living Costs Overall

As a minimum, the University estimates that Home students should budget approximately £10,170 for accommodation and living costs in 2022-23, and that overseas students should allow for a minimum of £11,790. Each person's living costs will depend very much on personal circumstances and lifestyle, and may be significantly more than this. You should expect your accommodation and living costs to rise each year.

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