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Rent Bands

Single-occupancy rooms at Magdalene are divided into nine rent bands. Couples' flats are divided into three.

The rents below are applicable for 10 weeks a term. Any period in accommodation above 10 weeks in a term will be charged at the same rate but with a £20.65 per week discount applied.

Room Rent Charges 2023/24

Banding Weekly rate Daily charge
A £216.93 £30.99
B £196.14 £28.02
C £184.17 £26.31
D £172.41 £24.63
E £170.45 £24.35
F £160.02 £22.86
G £152.53 £21.79
H £148.12 £21.16
I £145.04 £20.72

Flat Rent Charges 2023/24

Banding Weekly rate Daily charge
C £297.43 £42.49
D £275.80 £39.40
E £264.56 £37.78
H £232.33 £33.19

Establishment Charge

Students living-out i.e. not in College accommodation, will be charged an Establishment Charge of £92.00 a term.

A number of discounts will be available:

  • 50% rate of Establishment Charge to clinical (MB/VetMB) students living out and students on part-time courses.
  • In exceptional circumstances where the student has severely limited or no access to College facilities e.g. due to dietary requirements which cannot be fulfilled by the College, the Senior Tutor or Postgraduate Tutors may permit a rent discount or reduced Establishment Charge rate.
  • Students on a year abroad will not be charged the Establishment Charge. Postgraduate students who apply for Leave to Work Away will be entitled to the same percentage reduction as currently available.