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Zoe Walker

Zoe Walker

Zoe Walker is a PhD Student in the Faculty of Philosophy, she is Magdalene's Director of Studies in Philosophy and a College Lecturer in Philosophy.

I am writing my PhD on the philosophy of humour, looking at the moral and political role of humour as viewed through the lenses of both philosophy of language and aesthetics. I have a broader interest in speech acts and aesthetic taste and their respective roles in sustaining ideologies.

I supervise undergraduates in IA Metaphysics, Meaning, and Ethics and Political Philosophy, and II Ethics and Aesthetics, and have also taught a IA Formal Methods class.

Research Interests

  • Philosophy of humour
  • Aesthetics (especially aesthetic taste, and intersections with ethics and political philosophy)
  • Philosophy of language as it intersects with social and political philosophy
  • Moral psychology and the reactive attitudes