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Dr Simon Ravenscroft

Dr Simon Ravenscroft is an Official Fellow, Director of Studies and College Lecturer in Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion, as well as an undergraduate Tutor and Admissions Tutor at Magdalene, and a Research Associate in theology and philosophy at the Von Hügel Institute.

After studying in Wales and Nottingham, I came to Cambridge in 2010. I undertook an AHRC-funded PhD in philosophy of religion at Peterhouse, followed by postdoctoral work at the Von Hügel Institute (St Edmund’s College) and as a Murphy Research Fellow with the University of St Thomas, Minnesota. My research has criss-crossed the disciplines of theology, philosophy, literature, political and social theory, and economics. My doctoral thesis was on the work of the late Catholic radical

Ivan Illich, re-examining his thinking around the fate of social relations under conditions of economic modernity. A major postdoctoral project has been on the ethical issues surrounding the patenting of life forms, bringing moral, religious, and political considerations into conversation with developments in law and biotechnology. This concluded with the publication of a co-edited volume with Cambridge University Press in 2019. My latest research is on laughter, exploring what life in its comic aspect has to do with questions of power, knowledge, and religious faith.

I have been a Fellow at Magdalene in some capacity or other since 2018, and currently have a number of responsibilities, including as an undergraduate Tutor, Admissions Tutor, and Director of Studies for the Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion Tripos.

Research Interests

I try to be open to any topic that allows me to bring philosophical and theological reasoning to bear in interesting ways on issues of contemporary social, political, economic, and/or existential significance. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this means that my research has tended to be somewhat unsystematic and ad hoc!


PhD, MA, BTh

Selected Publications


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