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Magdalene College Cambridge

Dr David Green

Dr David Green is Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Physical) and a College Lecturer at Magdalene.

After completing his BA and PhD at the University of Cambridge, Dr Green held several postdoctoral positions in Cambridge and at the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory in Canada. In 1994 he was appointed as an Assistant Lecturer at the Cavendish Laboratory and is now a Senior Lecturer.

Research Interests

Radio astronomical research applied to a wide range of topics. Current interests include: monitoring of Cygnus X-1 and Cygnus X-3 with the AMI telescope; deep low-frequency radio surveys with the Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope (GMRT) in India; various studies of Galactic supernova: remnants (SNRs).

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Selected Publications

  • New Tests of Millilensing in the Blazar PKS 1413+135
    Peirson, A. L., Liodakis, I., Readhead, A. C. S., Lister, M. L., Perlmann, E. S., Aller, M. F., Blandford, R. D., Grainge, K. J. B., Green, D. A., Gurwell, M. A., Hodges, M. W., Hovatta, T., Kiehlmann, S., Lähteenmäki, A., Max-Moerbeck, W., Mcaloone, T., O'Neill, S., Pavlidou, V., Pearson, T. J., Ravi, V., Reeves, R. A., Scott, P. F., Taylor, G. B., Titterington, D. J., Tornikoski, M., Vedantham, H. K., Wilkinson, P. N., Williams, D. T., Zensus, J. A.
    2022ApJ...927...24P (also arXiv:2201.01110)
  • ZTF22aaajecp/AT2022cmc: AMI-LA radio detection
    Sfaradi, I., Rhodes, L., Williams, D., Bright, J., Horesh, A., Fender, R., Green, D., Titterington, D.
  • A Late-Time Radio Flare following a Possible Transition in Accretion State in the Tidal Disruption Event AT 2019azh
    Sfaradi, I., Horesh, A., Fender, R., Green, D. A., Williams, D. R. A., Bright, J., Schulze, S.
    2022ApJ...933..176S (also arXiv:2202.00026)
  • Major and Minor Flares on Cygnus X-3 Revisited
    Spencer, R. E., Garrett, M., Bray, J. D., Green, D. A.
    2022MNRAS.512.2618S (also arXiv:2203.05637)
  • LeMMINGs IV: The X-ray properties of a statistically-complete sample of the nuclei in active and inactive galaxies from the Palomar sample
    Williams, D. R. A., Pahari, M., Baldi, R. D., McHardy, I. M., Mathur, S., Beswick, R. J., Beri, A., Boorman, P., Aalto, S., Alberdi, A., Argo, M. K., Dullo, B. T., Fenech, D. M., Green, D. A., Knapen, J. H., Martí-Vidal, I., Moldon, J., Mundell, C. G., Muxlow, T. W. B., Panessa, F., Pérez-Torres, M., Saikia, P., Shankar, F., Stevens, I. R., Uttley, P.
    2022MNRAS.510.4909W (also arXiv:2111.09077)
  • AMI-LA 15.5 GHz detection of MAXI J1910-057/Swift J1910.2−0546
    Williams, D., Motta, S., Rhodes, L., Fender, R., Bahramian, A., Green, D., Titterington, D., Sivakoff, G.

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