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Professor Luke Skinner

Professor Luke Skinner is a University Lecturer in the Department of Earth Sciences and Director of Studies for Earth Sciences at Magdalene he is also an Admissions Tutor (Graduates).

I am a Reader in Earth System Science, in the Department of Earth Sciences.  I teach Part 1A, Part II and Part III climate science options, and I am also a Director of Studies and Tutor for Graduate Admissions at Magdalene College.

My research looks at climate change through the lens of the past.  My aim is to provide a ‘long view’ on the environmental processes that regulate global- and regional climate on timescales that are still relevant to human experience (i.e. decades to millennia).  The work I conduct is primarily concerned with the web of interconnected processes that regulate our planet’s carbon cycle and energy budget, with a primary focus on the ocean as the main repository for carbon and heat at the Earth surface – it contains 60 times more carbon than the atmosphere, and the top metre of water contains as much energy as the entire atmosphere.  It could be said that: nothing can happen to atmospheric CO2 or global temperature, without the ocean ‘knowing about it’ and playing a role in their regulation.  The ocean is therefore guaranteed a key role in the anthropogenic climate changes that we will face in the future. However, the sensitivity and natural variability of the processes that govern this role remain a major uncertainty for future projections, which my research seeks to address, as best it can. More information on my research can be found on my Research Homepage.

Selected Publications

Publications can be found in the Department of Earth Sciences Publications database.


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