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Magdalene College Cambridge

Professor Stuart Martin

Professor Stuart Martin is the Senior Tutor and Professor of Pure Mathematics at Magdalene College. He is also a College Admissions Tutor, an Affiliated Lecturer at the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, and the Director of Studies in Mathematics for Part IA and IB.

Professor Stuart Martin holds degrees from the Universities of Glasgow, Oxford and Cambridge. As the Snell Scholar at Balliol College, Oxford he worked for his DPhil under Karin Erdmann. He obtained his doctorate in 1988 while a Lecturer of the House at Christ Church, Oxford then became the Harold Salvesen Research Fellow at New College, Oxford. He came to Magdalene in 1990 and continues research and to publish in modular representation theory of finite and algebraic groups (a branch of modern algebra). He also has interests in finite-dimensional algebras such as the Schur algebra and its quantum variants and in the combinatorics of quivers. He teaches all aspects of pure mathematics (algebra, geometry, topology, analysis) and some topics in applicable mathematics (probability, statistics, portfolio theory and stochastic finance). For many years he has acted as a consultant in the City to quantitatively-driven hedge funds and, more recently to funds of hedge funds.