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Dr Nicholas James

Dr Nicholas James is Director of Studies in Human, Social, and Political Sciences (Part II Social Anthropology). His research interests range from East Anglia to eastern India.

Nicholas James graduated from Oxford and holds postgraduate qualifications from Oxford, London, Michigan and Birmingham. He teaches in London as well as Cambridge. He is an ardent exponent of adult education too.

James has extensive experience in archeology as well as anthropology. As a consultant in management and interpretation of historical resources, he has advised organizations providing for visitors at places ranging from Stonehenge to Mexico City and from a Victorian pumping station to the Science Museum. He designed and negotiated the Cambridge Regional Heritage Strategy for the local authorities. He has also advised Cambridge University and the Workers’ Educational Association on adult education.

James has led tours of South America for the Cambridge & Oxford alumni organizations. He has been spotted trying to pass himself off as a tour guide in Cambridge too.


Research Interests

His present projects are on:

  • local responses to rapid urban change in India;
  • Aztec and contemporary urban and rural development in Mexico;
  • farming in the Fens (north of Cambridge) between 1550 and 1950.