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Senex Globes

See Magdalene's Senex Globes at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Magdalene's Senex Globes will be displayed alongside a portrait of Francis Williams as part of the Between Two Worlds display at the Victoria and Albert Museum this summer.

First Court Magdalene College Cambridge

The Power of a Four-Day Workweek

A trial led by Magdalene President, Professor Brendan Burchell, and Cambridge social scientists revealed that implementing a four-day working week resulted in reduced stress levels, decreased sick days by 65%, and increased employee retention. The study showed that a shorter workweek improves work-life balance and productivity, leading 92% of participating companies to continue the practice, with 18 making it a permanent change.

Under-Represented Ethnic Groups in Engineering Residential

Explore Engineering: Under-Represented Ethnic Groups in Engineering Residential

Applications are now open for the Under-Represented Ethnic Groups in Engineering Residential, providing Year 12 students from state-maintained schools the opportunity to explore Engineering at Cambridge University. This fully-funded program includes accommodation, meals, activities, and transportation, offering a comprehensive experience for students interested in pursuing Engineering.