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Future Foundations - Supporting Postgraduate Students and Young Academics

Supporting Postgraduates

Supporting Postgraduate Students.

Magdalene's postgraduate student population has grown exponentially over the past 30 years and we now have roughly 250 registered postgraduates.

The financial climate for postgraduate students engaged in further study has become much more challenging in recent years. The College is home to a vibrant and engaging community of postgraduate students, a good mix of Master and doctoral students and we want to ensure that no one is deterred from continuing their studies for purely financial reasons. Many of our current postgraduates have experienced financial hardship as they have been prevented from completing research and field work during the various lockdowns thus delaying the completion of their degrees but their living costs continue to accumulate.

Government loans, and some Research Council funding, is available to Master’s and PhD candidates from the UK, but these funds only cover part of the real cost and perhaps, more importantly post Covid, are time limited. External funding is also scarce, particularly for those who choose to undertake research in the Arts and Humanities subjects.

The College has already established a Hardship Fund for postgraduate students who run into financial difficulties and the fund also allows us to support several PhD students whose funding comes to an end before their research is complete. Sadly, the need is greater than the funds currently available and we thus seek to strengthen these funds to further consolidate the support we can offer to our talented research students.

"...the bursary has helped me complete my doctoral thesis...the only alternative would have been to delay submission for more than a year...I feel it has been as valuable as the three-year research grant from EPSRC, even though it has been only for five months..." - 4th Year Doctoral Student

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