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Magdalene College Cambridge

Professor Cecilia Brassett

Professor Cecilia Brassett is the Teaching Professor of Human Anatomy and University Clinical Anatomist, and is responsible for organising the university anatomy teaching programme.

At Magdalene she is Director of Studies for Part 1B (the second year) of the Medical Sciences tripos. She is also an Undergraduate Tutor and Deputy Senior Tutor.

In the Department of Physiology, Development & Neuroscience, Dr Brassett is a member of the Teaching Committee and of the Academic Staff Committee. She sits on the Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos Part I Committee in the Faculty of Biology and is a member of the Cambridge University Medical Education Network.


Research Interests

Clinically applied research in topographical anatomy, in collaboration with consultants in different specialties, including gastroenterology, orthopaedics, plastic surgery and oral maxillofacial surgery.


MB., BChir., MA., MChir., FRCS.

Professional Affiliations

Fellow and MRCS Examiner, Royal College of Surgeons of England

Councillor, The Anatomical Society

Councillor, British Association of Clinical Anatomists

Selected Publications

C. Brassett, E. Evans, and I.H.H. Fay, The Secret Language of Anatomy (2017)

C. Brassett, P. Brassett, and M.-Y. Lu, The Tujia Language (2006)

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Difference in real-time magnetic image analysis of colonic looping patterns between males and females undergoing diagnostic colonoscopy.
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Observations on the inconsistency of dermatome maps and its effect on knowledge and confidence in clinical students.
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