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Magdalene College River Court Cambridge

Telephone Campaign 2023

Magdalene students will be calling alumni and friends from 20 March – 3 April seeking support for our fundraising priorities.

The College has been running calling campaigns for many years, they are a wonderful way for us to stay connected with our Members and form a key part of the College’s regular fundraising programme.

We have assembled an amazing team of student callers who are passionate about representing Magdalene. They will update you on College news, give an insight into College today, talk about shared Magdalene experiences and ask for your financial support.

The Telephone Campaign strengthens the College community facilitating conversations across the generations. The advice, tips and guidance our callers receive gives them invaluable insights from their predecessors, many of whom have careers in professions they aspire to join. Our students thoroughly enjoy hearing your stories and we do hope that you enjoy speaking to them too.

Gifts in support of the College are transformative and enable us to support a variety of core priorities. This year we are concentrating on raising funds for Student Welfare and Mental Health, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Support and the Pepys Building Restoration.

Every gift has a significant impact on our ability to provide financial support and ensure that the brightest and best are able to study at Magdalene. We are very grateful to all those who will take this opportunity to support the College and for your willingness to extend a hand of friendship across the generations.

If you would like to support the campaign in advance please complete the donation form below. Every single gift will make a very real difference!

Support the Telephone Campaign (£) Support the Telephone Campaign ($)