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River Court, Magdalene College

2021 Telephone Campaign

Each year, a number of current Magdalene students take part in the College’s Telephone Campaign. This year, the Telephone Campaign will run from 14 September to the 28 September.

The College has been running these calling campaigns for many years as it is a wonderful way for us to stay connected with our Members and forms a key part of the College’s regular fundraising programme.

We have assembled an amazing team of student callers, all wonderful ambassadors for the College who will pick up the phones over the next few weeks to chat with Members across the world. They will update you on College news and life after COVID-19, talk about shared Magdalene experiences and ask for your financial support.

The Telephone Campaign allows for conversations between current students and Magdalene Members of different generations, strengthening our College community. The tips, advice and career guidance callers receive from the alumni they talk to allow them to gain invaluable insights from their predecessors, many of whom have developed careers in professions they aspire to join. Our student callers are passionate about representing their College and this year, we once again welcome callers from previous telethons back to the team because they truly enjoy the opportunity of connecting with Members and hearing Magdalene stories from years gone by.

This year we are concentrating on raising funds to help our people: the students, researchers, supervisors dealing with financial difficulties. We will ask you to direct donations to the College’s Unrestricted Fund to allow us to respond swiftly to immediate needs as they arise. Every gift to the Telephone Campaign has a significant impact on the College’s ability to provide financial support to every students who needs it, thus ensuring that the brightest and best are able to study at Magdalene free from financial anxiety.

We thank you all in advance for choosing to support the resident Magdalene community and for your willingness to extend a hand of friendship across the generations.

Every single gift to the 2021 Telephone Campaign will make a very real difference!