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Magdalene Shawl

Magdalene Shawl

Magdalene College Shawl

Made of yarn from one of the oldest Scottish mills the Magdalene Shawl is a luxurious soft mix between lambswool and cashmere.

Inspired by the College scarf the colours make it easily recognisable. Each shawl has an attached label depicting the College Crest. Clean and elegant, the weaving technique gives the fabric a special texture. The size of the shawl is 2m by 55 cm.

Each beautifully crafted shawl is handwoven by Anneli Berntsson (1996).

£130.00 (plus p&p)

Placing an order

To place an order please email the Alumni and Development Office.

When we have received your order will be in contact to confirm and let you know the cost of postage.

The Magdalene Shawl by Anneli Berntsson (1996)

Weaving is a part of my family history, perhaps even a part of my DNA! I inherited my paternal great grandmother’s loom; my maternal grandmother was a weaver for 75 years, and my mother is a weaving teacher, still active at 82.

Anneli Berntsson (1996) weaving the Magdalene Shawl

I did my first weaving when I was 5 years old and have grown up in a world of creative textiles and wonderful yarns and fibres. This has given me both knowledge of, and an appreciation for, the complexity and wonder of the technical and tactile side of weaving.

As an academic I trained as a Political Scientist with degrees from Stockholm University and studied at the Swedish Defence College. I obtained an M. Phil. in European Studies from Cambridge (Magdalene 1996) and have worked with various aspects of Security Policy in the Swedish Defence Force and at SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute).

After a serious accident I realized that no matter how much I enjoyed working in my academic field, I wanted to focus on weaving, while I still have my mother to guide me in the art. I started my own handweaving and design company “Anneli of Stockholm Luxury Blankets AB”. The four pillars of my work are quality, exclusivity, beauty and lasting value.

My year at Magdalene will always be one of my most valued experiences. Over the years I have heard many stories from Magdalene Men of how significant the College tie has been in making contacts and showing College affiliation both in University and other settings. Ever since I was a student, and even more so after leaving the College, my female friends and I have been frustrated that there has been no feminine equivalent to the College tie. The Magdalene shawl is my solution.

The shawl is made of yarn from one of the oldest Scottish mills in a luxurious soft mix between lambswool and cashmere. The design in the Magdalene colours, with an attached label depicting the College shield, is clean and elegant, and the weaving technique gives the fabric a special texture. The proportion of the colours is inspired by the College scarf to make it easily recognizable. Also, the colour scheme creates a dark neutral that can be worn with almost anything. This makes the shawl appropriate for most events:  from a Magdalene May Ball to a casual setting. The size (2m by 55 cm) and lightweight make the shawl easy to carry, and it is perfect for trips in a cool aeroplane and great as a knee blanket when indoor temperatures or outdoor events require. When treated with appropriate care (dry cleaning only), the shawl will last a lifetime.