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List of College Officers

Much of the day-to-day administration of the College is delegated by the Governing Body to the College Officers.

Many of the College Officers are themselves members of the Governing Body. They work closely with the Master to ensure the smooth running of the College and the well-being of the College community.

College Officers

Master: Sir Christopher Greenwood

President: Professor Brendan Burchell

Senior Tutor and Admissions Tutor: Professor Stuart Martin

Deputy Senior Tutor: Professor Cecilia Brassett

Postgraduate Tutor: Professor Paul Dupree

Assistant Postgraduate Tutor: Dr Rowan Burnstein

Tutors: Professor Carl Watkins, Ms Silke Mentchen, Dr John Munns, Dr Simon Ravenscroft

Admissions Tutor (Outreach): Dr Sergio Bacallado

Admissions Tutor (Undergraduate): Dr John Munns

Admissions Tutor (Postgraduate): Professor Luke Skinner

Senior Bursar and Steward: Mr Steven Morris

Assistant Bursar: Mrs Helen Foord

Development Director: Mrs Corinne Lloyd

Dean: Professor Antje du Bois-Pedain

Dean of Chapel: The Revd Sarah Atkins

Pepys Librarian: Dr Jane Hughes

College Librarian: Dr Marcus Waithe

Praelector: Dr John Patterson

Precentor and Director of Music: Mr James Potter

Harassment Officers: Dr Hugues Azerad, Dr Philippa Steele

Keeper of the Old Library: Dr Jane Hughes

Wine Steward: Professor Tom Spencer

Garden Steward: Professor Saul Dubow

Editor of the College Magazine: Professor James Raven

College Advocate: Mr Andrew Ritchie QC