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University of Cambridge - MA Day

MA Day

The M.A. Cantab is an honorary degree awarded to those who hold a Cambridge B.A.

At Cambridge, the MA is conferred by right on holders of the BA degree of the University and on certain other senior members. Possession of the MA, or any other Cambridge masters degree or doctorate, confers membership of the University Senate. This gives the right to:

  • participate in Discussions (part of the University's decision-making process)
  • vote in the election of a new Chancellor or High Steward
  • borrow books from the University Library

If you hold a Cambridge BA you may proceed to the MA Cantab not less than six years from the end of your first term of residence, providing that your BA degree has been conferred. There is a £30 administrative charge to receive the MA Cantab.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible to take your MA please get in touch with the Praelector's Secretary who will check your eligibility to graduate.

If you wish to receive another degree in addition to your MA on MA Day (e.g MB, MBA, PhD or MPhil), when applying please make sure that you state clearly in the ‘degree’ field that you would like to graduate to your MA and your MPhil (for example).

Applications and payment for MA Day must be received before the cut-off date. Please note that late applications will not be accepted.

MA Days 2023:

Saturday 1st April - MA Day for 2016 matriculands

We are delighted to invite back those Members who matriculated in October 2016 and graduated with the BA degree prior to December 2020 to receive their MA on Saturday 1st April 2023. 

Application deadline: 10th March 2023. For more information and to apply to take your MA on this date please follow the link below.

MA Day for 2016 Matriculands: Saturday 1st April 2023

Saturday 20th May - MA Day for 2014 matriculands

Due to the pandemic we regrettably had to cancel the MA Day for 2014 matriculands which was due to take place in May 2021. We are now delighted to invite back those Members who matriculated with an undergraduate degree in October 2014 to receive their MA on Saturday 20th May 2023. 

Application deadline: 27th April 2023. For more information and to apply to take your MA on this date please follow the link below.

MA Day for 2014 Matriculands: Saturday 20th May 2023

Information for MA Day Graduands

Academic dress and gown hire for MA Day

All information relating to academic dress and links to Cambridge gown hire companies can be found on the Graduands' Dress webpage.

The majority of M.A. Graduands will wear the B.A. gown and B.A. hood. If you already have a degree of the University higher than the B.A. (e.g MPhil), you will wear the corresponding gown and hood. Undergraduate gowns must NOT be worn. If you are in any doubt about which gown and hood you need to wear for the ceremony, it is recommended that you seek advice from one of the gown hire companies listed at the link above.

Accommodation and guests

Unfortunately it is not possible to offer accommodation in College for MA Day attendees (graduands or guests) because the ceremony takes place during Full Term and undergraduates are therefore in residence.

Guests are welcome to attend the ceremony at the Senate House. Tickets are required for guests to gain entrance to the Senate House on the day, and are limited by the University, to two per M.A. graduand. Please indicate clearly on the application form how many guest tickets you require. Please note that babies and children do require their own ticket for Senate House, however, it is not recommended by the University to bring babies and very young children to the Senate House ceremony.

Taking your M.A. at another ceremony

If you are unable to attend the MA Day, you are welcome to take your M.A. in absence at any other ceremony in the Senate House schedule, or in-person on the days designated for the presentation of Magdalene candidates. Please see the here for further dates and links to the necessary application form.

If you decide to receive your degree in person we will send you details about the exact format of the day, including academic dress regulations. On dates other than MA Day in May, while we host a graduation lunch in College for all graduands and up to two guests, we do not provide a reunion style event like that on the designated MA Day.

After receiving your M.A.

Once you have been admitted to the M.A. degree, you are entitled to dine at High Table once in each Full Term free of charge (except for wine). Full details of your dining rights, and other privileges available to alumni, can be found on the Alumni Benefits webpage.