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FOI: The services that we offer

FOI: The services that we offer

Advice and guidance, booklets, leaflets, transactions and media releases. A description of the services offered.

Magdalene College is a community of Fellows, Students and Staff, and also welcomes members of the public, such as visitors to the Pepys Library, prospective students and their teachers, and conference guests. There are, however, times when the College is closed, and visitors are requested to check with the Porters' Lodge if they are travelling from beyond Cambridge.


Information on the Fellowship is available in the Out People section.


Information about applying to Magdalene College as an undergraduate or postgraduate student is available in the Admissions section.

Information about course content and fees can be found on the University of Cambridge website.

Information about the services the College offers to undergraduate and postgraduate students can be found in the relevant guides and handbooks found in the Publications section.


College Staff are grouped into a number of Departments, each concerned with the management and running a particular aspect of the College's function. College contact details are listed Contacts Directory

Visitors to the Pepys Library

The Pepys Library section includes information for visitors and details of the opening times. Please note the Library is not open to the public throughout the year so please check the website before visiting.

Conferences, Weddings, Summer Schools, and other commercial events

The College hosts conferences, weddings, dinners and other commercial events, which usually take place out of term time. Further details and contact information regarding conferences and events may be found in the Conferences section. Information about weddings at Magdalene can be found in the Chapel section.